Mentor Insight | Marvin Maurras


Marvin Maurras began his entrepreneurial journey at the age of 12. He has founded and/or exited several companies, among them being a health care company now owned by AON, co-founder of Miracle Kids Success Academy, Kids Unlimited Learning Academy, Insurance Rating Dynamics (sold), a Mortgage Servicing Company (sold), and is an active investor in a leading identify theft protection company based out of phoenix. Above all, Marvin is interested in disruptive technology, efficiency in regulated industries and the use of social media in marketing.

Marvin Maurras

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What is your best advice for early stage startup entrepreneurs working on a product or service?

Always be willing to hand off responsibilities to others who are better than you at them. Lead by serving, listening, learning, and encouraging.


What is your favorite book in the realm of technology, startups, and/or creativity?

E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber

What is your favorite tool you would recommend to startup founders? 

Coffee with people far further in their career or industry than you are. Find the ones you have no business sitting down with, and sit down with them. Have questions prepared, and listen to them 75% more than you speak.