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I have been interested in owning my own business since I was young. At 16 I got my first DSLR and started shooting portraits for friends. I have continued doing photography, and recently started doing video work. I enjoy entrepreneurship and the changing landscape it brings. Each day is a new challenge.

What is your best advice for early stage startup entrepreneurs working on a product or service?

Practice, and feedback are the most important things you can be doing. Don’t look for people who will pat your back and say your work is great, find those people willing to give you a constructive critique. Put your feelings aside, and work to make the best product or service that you can.

What is your favorite book in the realm of technology, startups, and/or creativity?

I struggle to find time for books, so I tend to read blogs and magazines. Lately for creative inspiration I have been flipping through digital art magazines on

What is your favorite tool you would recommend to startup founders?

If you have enough of an audience I strongly recommend getting analytic tools plugged into your social media and website. These provide invaluable insight into what your customers actually want, instead of what you think they want.