Mentor Insight | Arlton Lowry



Arlton is the Founder and Chief Creative Officer of Few, a design and development agency in Little Rock, Arkansas, specializing in web and mobile applications. He teaches Web Design as an Adjunct Professor in the Art Department at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. He founded the annual design and development conference, Made by Few, that draws attendees from across the United States and Canada and co-founded BarCamp Conway, an annual community event focused on educating and incubating the tech community in Arkansas. He graduated from the University of Arkansas at Little Rock with a degree in Mass Communications and a minor in Information Technology. He’s worked with numerous local, national, and global organizations, like the Mozilla Foundation, Walmart, ACL, Manning Publications, AETN, and LessAccounting. He currently resides in Little Rock, Arkansas with his dog Coco.

Arlton Lowry and Marc Hemeon


What is your best advice for early stage startup entrepreneurs working on a product or service?

Choose your partners wisely. You don’t want to roll over in bed one day and realize you’re sleeping with an ugly hag.

What is your favorite book in the realm of technology, startups, and/or creativity?

Cash by Johnny Cash

What is your favorite tool you would recommend to startup founders? 

Pencil and paper.