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David is the founder of Acorn Hours, a platform for schools to track and verify student community service hours in the cloud. He was on the winning team of Startup Weekend Little Rock 2013 and is always looking to help new entrepreneurs. David graduated from Hendrix College in May and is currently in the ARK Challenge startup accelerator.


David Allan at 1 Million Cups

What is your best advice for early stage startup entrepreneurs working on a product or service?

Start. Even if you don’t know what to do, or suspect that you are doing the wrong thing, start making stuff. The faster you can get from reading books to talking to customers or building the product, the faster you will start learning. Don’t worry too much about all the advice on how to get from a small company to a big company, a lot of it will distract you. The best way to get off the ground is to just start doing something.

What is your favorite book in the realm of technology, startups, and/or creativity?

If you are interested in B2B i would say Four Steps to Epiphany by Steve Blank is the best book out there.

What is your favorite tool you would recommend to startup founders? 

The phone. Pick it up and call customers. Relationships lead to opportunities. I wish I had been in the habit of reaching out to customers earlier.