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Jamie Fugitt is a startup and technology lawyer at PPGMR Law, PLLC. He helps entrepreneurs and startup companies by explaining legal choices in an understandable way and by helping them address legal needs at the right time in their company’s life-cycle – two simple but often overlooked strategies. He thinks the most successful entrepreneurs are the best communicators. Jamie studied law at Harvard Law School and cultural anthropology at the University of Arkansas.

Jamie Fugitt and Dustin Williams

What is your best advice for early stage startup entrepreneurs working on a product or service?

Take all the mentoring and education you can get, but digest it and combine it with your own instincts.

What is your favorite book in the realm of technology, startups, and/or creativity?

Clayton Christensen’s original 2010 (short) version of How Will You Measure Your Life. There is now a book-length version available that expands on this 2010 speech, but I like that you can work through the speech version in a single sitting. I revisit it over and over (and re-read it again just now!).

What is your favorite tool you would recommend to startup founders? 

Handshakes and in-person conversations; reputation for honoring commitments and over-delivering